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10jili Promotions – 03 Exclusive Offers For Members

10jili promotions help players receive many amazing gifts and participate in an extremely attractive unlimited cashback program. The 10jili gaming portal continuously updates new offers, creating quick opportunities to win cash rewards for members. Explore the 03 exclusive offers that the gaming portal is providing to members.

Introduction to the promotion program at the gaming portal

To attract a large number of players to participate in betting, the gaming portal has organized many attractive 10jili promotions programs. These programs are designed to help all bettors easily participate, receive beneficial rewards, and ensure that players can receive cash rewards upon completing tasks.

By integrating these promotion programs, the gaming portal has built a reputation as a quality and reputable bookmaker, highly regarded by bettors. Participating in receiving rewards from promotions is the most transparent and fair way to experience the conditions. The goal of the gaming portal is to become a leading betting destination in the Vietnamese market, committed to maintaining quality over many years of betting operations.

Introduction to the promotion program at the gaming portal
Introduction to the promotion program at the gaming portal

Eligible participants for 10jili promotions

All promotion programs at the gaming portal are open to official members, regardless of how long they have been registered. There are no restrictions on who can participate, and all members registered at the gaming portal can experience the latest offers.

The primary goal of the gaming portal is to create a betting playground for all bettors, building a betting community with a shared passion. Therefore, all members, whether new or old, have the opportunity to receive rewards from 10jili promotions. If there are any questions about how to participate in promotions, players can contact customer support directly for assistance.

Compilation of promotion programs offered by the gaming portal

To ensure that bettors do not have to wait too long, the gaming portal always provides the latest 10jili promotions announcements on the homepage. However, if players still cannot regularly keep up with this information, follow the 03 promotion programs always available at the gaming portal below. This program is for all bettors, making it extremely easy to participate.

Weekly deposit bonus promotion at the gaming portal

To increase the enthusiasm of bettors when participating in betting, the gaming portal quickly offers weekly deposit bonus promotions. With this program, bettors will receive a bonus equal to 20% of the deposited amount. Players can learn more details about the deposit bonus program below.

Weekly deposit bonus promotion at the gaming portal
Weekly deposit bonus promotion at the gaming portal

Details of the deposit bonus program at the gaming portal

The gaming portal will apply the 10jili promotions deposit bonus program from Monday to Sunday every week. The bonus amount is equivalent to 20% of the amount bettors have deposited and completed 3 betting rounds in any betting hall.

Conditions and regulations for receiving promotion rewards

Bettors need to adhere to the rules and conditions of the program in order to receive the deposit bonus promotion reward.

Benefits of participating in the deposit bonus program

The deposit bonus promotion program will help bettors have additional betting funds and create a connection between players and the gaming portal.

10jili promotions cashback program.

To help bettors feel more secure when participating in betting, the gaming portal has created a daily cashback program. This helps bettors recover a portion of the lost amount as well as provides conditions for long-term betting. Specific information about the program will be announced below.

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10jili promotions cashback program.
10jili promotions cashback program.

Application period for the cashback program

The application period varies by month but will run from Monday to Sunday each week. Each time participants receive the program, they will be refunded 10% of the amount lost in bets for that day but must meet the minimum betting requirement as specified in the promotion.

Benefits of participating in the cashback program

The program will help players get back some of the lost betting amount for the day, enhancing morale and earning bonus money.

10jili promotions referral program

The gaming portal also offers a 10jili promotions referral program to invite friends to join betting, helping players earn additional income from inviting new players to register. New members introduced who register will receive a 100% first deposit bonus, but newly introduced players need to place a minimum bet x times. In addition, these new registered players must comply with the rules and conditions of the program.


10jili promotions not only help bettors save money but also create opportunities to experience a variety of quality betting games. Quickly register or log in to the 10jili gaming portal to experience these attractive promotion programs. Surely players will receive many attractive rewards that the gaming portal brings in the near future.