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Sports Betting and 3+ Most Popular Types of Sports Betting

Sports betting is one of the most popular forms of betting among gamblers today, and you can participate in it on any online gaming platform. To understand more about this type of betting, read the article below by masconet com.

What is the concept of sports betting?

Sports betting, also known as sports wagering, is an activity where players place bets on the outcome of a sports event such as football, volleyball, tennis, etc. Depending on the regulations of the gaming platform and the type of bet, players can place bets either before the match (pre-match betting) or during the match (live betting). Sports betting is not limited to betting on the final result of a match but also includes more complex types of bets such as score betting, point betting, odds betting, penalty betting, etc.

The concept of sports betting
The concept of sports betting

The most popular sports betting titles in the market today

Sports betting covers a wide range of sports disciplines, and the more popular a sport is, the more betting options it will have. Here are some of the most popular types of sports betting that you can refer to:

Football Betting

This type of betting requires players to rely on the progress and outcome of a match to predict and place bets. Football is a sport with continuous and frequent tournaments on a large scale. Football betting attracts a large number of players, mainly because there are more football fans compared to other sports.

However, to participate, players need to have sufficient knowledge about this sport and understand the basic rules. Lack of knowledge and understanding can make it difficult to make accurate decisions and winning becomes more challenging.

Football Betting
Football Betting

Traditional Football Betting

Traditional football betting is the foundation and basis for other forms of sports betting. Players are required to place bets through direct negotiations or contact directly via phone or messages with the bookmaker, also known as the “bookie” in football betting transactions.

However, traditional football betting often lacks variety in choices and does not guarantee safety. Players use cash for transactions or rely on acquaintances to borrow money without having any funds.

One drawback of this method is the inconsistency in accepting bets from bookmakers, meaning players may not always find a bookie to place their bets. Additionally, it should be noted that participating in betting without self-control can lead to heavy debts in a short period.

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Online Football Betting

Traditional betting has several drawbacks and is even illegal in Vietnam. Therefore, nowadays, gaming platforms offer online football betting to meet the increasing demand from players. To participate in online football sports betting, you need to prepare a smart device with stable internet connection.

A notable advantage of online betting is that players can manage their expenses. Currently, gaming platforms only allow betting with a certain amount of money, usually lower than or equal to the amount you have. This helps players control their financial situation and capital.

Online football betting now has many reputable gaming platforms with strong financial capabilities participating, ensuring that you will always be fully paid when you win, as long as you choose a reliable gaming platform like 10jililogin.ph. Furthermore, online sports betting allows players to easily place bets anytime, anywhere on any match they desire.

Volleyball Betting

In addition to football betting, volleyball is also a famous sport in the world of sports betting. This sport attracts players because it is easy to play and win by simply predicting the outcome of a match. To achieve this, you need to gather information, evaluate matches, and make predictions about the winning team, loss, as well as total points or set bets.

Basketball Betting

When participating in basketball betting, you also have many betting options, and the result of the bet will depend on the outcome of the entire basketball match, including regular playing time, overtime playtime, and extra periods (if any). Unlike football, basketball matches cannot end in a draw; please take note of this information.

Basketball Betting
Basketball Betting

Tennis Betting

Tennis is often referred to as the “noble” sport that only wealthy individuals play due to its high economic requirements. However, tennis betting does not discriminate against participants based on status or financial status; hence it is chosen by many people to participate.


Sports betting is a popular form of betting that any avid bettor should not overlook. If you are looking for a reputable and quality sports betting destination, join 10jili now.